Balance Awareness Week

I find it ironic that my balance awareness week started off with vertigo.   I have had a great summer traveling and just enjoying a fairly dizzy diminished life.  I still am enjoying life and had only one really bad day so I consider that a win. I started this blog for balance awareness week a... Continue Reading →

Travel Mission Accomplished!

After getting so much response to my last post, I wanted to fill you in on how my travel went. I am more than happy to say that it went great! That is not to say that in the 24 hours before I left I was not totally and completely wrecked with anxiety (I was... Continue Reading →

Missed Independence

Why am I misquoting the title to a Kelly Clarkson song? Because vertigo takes a lot from you as part of an illness. Sometimes it slowly takes parts of your life away; other times it takes something that is gone in an instant. One of the things that affects most sufferers is the loss of... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day

Every one of us has a story to tell. You never know how sharing the path you walk in life may help someone else.  I have learned something from pretty much most people I know. So keep sharing a piece of yourself, you never know what might be the key for someone else.

Quote of the day

This quote is dedicated to my literal falling down this week. I'd say vertigo keeps me on my feet - but it is the opposite! But I can't do anything but my best to deal with it and live the best I can.

Music soothes the savage… vertigo

We all know that music has power over the human soul. The right song can transport you back in time and space. We associate songs with those we love, events and moods. Music can make you smile, cry, laugh, shout and dance like no one is watching. In my opinion, everyone should have a personal... Continue Reading →

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