Welcome back my friends to the ride that never ends – an intro

Welcome My Friends
Welcome My Friends

Welcome to my blog! I paraphrased Emerson, Lake and Palmer a bit to fit my theme but… it works! I started this blog to talk about my vertigo – the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope to offer stories, insight and fun stuff to help others navigate the ever spinning world that is vertigo. I decided to launch today since it is the beginning of balance awareness week. I want to be able to do just that – make people more aware of this disease. I call this surviving and thriving because you need to do both. I want to change the focus to things that can help you live life with vertigo –  not just on the problem itself. Vertigo itself is a symptom of another illness, but it can be the worst part of that illness. As it is said that we are more than the sum of our parts – we are also more than what illness makes of us.  I am new to this blogging thing(not to giving advise though – ask anyone who knows me!) and this is my journey. I ask you to be patient with my mistakes and missteps and I will do my best to provide something you can use. And to finish the starting song title – I’m so glad you could attend – Come inside, come inside!

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