Dizzy Dash Virtual 5K Walk/Run -Completed!

I did the Dizzy Dash 5K!

Today is my day off and I picked it to complete the 1st annual Dizzy Dash. Although they give you the option to do the 5K (3.1 miles) over several days, I decided to challenge myself and do it all at one time. Since I have made this week all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone, walking the distance will do that. I have not walked that far at one time in a very long time. So this meets three goals for me:

  • Getting more attention to the Vestibular Disorders
  • ¬†Forcing myself to do something I didn’t think possible for me anymore
  • Taking another step on the path back to fitness

As you can see from the pictures I did it!! I was so excited I forgot to shut off the tracker! Hubby walked with me and we finished in 57 minutes. Certainly not smoking fast, but I did it and that matters to be ALOT!!

The Walk at Massasoit

I was dizzy when we started and was afraid I was going to have to turn back. But something about the birds and the tree’s and the good company kept me going. Now I know I can and will do more. Hopefully it will encourage someone else out there to do it too! I met the fund raising goal I set for my walk, but if you want to give to VEDA because I finished the walk, my personal page is here: www.vestibular.org/sharyn Woo Hoo!

I finished!!
I finished!!

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