What’s in my Dizzy bag? My little bag of tricks

I carry what I call a dizzy bag. If you look in the picture, it even says Dizzy bag. In this bag is my “in case of a dizzy emergency” stuff. It is mostly natural and over the counter stuff. No prescriptions because if it gets stolen (it happened once) all of this stuff is easy to replace without needing a Doctor.
So lets look at what’s inside:

dizzy bag
Across the top from left to right:
1. Garden of my Life mykind organic B-12 – because many people with dizziness need B-12 and it helps.
2. Family Dollar Menstrual Pain Relief – since it has both pain medication and a decongestant, I use it when my neck muscles are really tight and I have stuffiness at the same time.
3. Rugby Travel Sickness (Meclizine) – chewable meclizine – it hits the system fast, you can break the pills in half and it is not expensive. My insurance stopped covering meclizine so this works.
4. Be Well Seasick Oral Spray – again, quick in the system easy to use. Not really for strong spinning but can be used in conjunction with other things.
5. Nasal Spray – in case I am really, really stuffy.
Next row:
1. Scat Accupressure Wrist Bands with Magnets – I wear one of these every day – all day and night. I switch wrists and rarely wear two together. They help a great deal and a 10 second press on the magnet can stop the start of a moderate dizzy.
2. DT Vertigo and 3. MotionEaze – these are interchangeable since they are basically the same. Essential Oils that I use behind the ear. Combine well with the Oral Spray for lite dizzy.
4. Benadryl Allergy – these are the strips – fast acting. If I can’t find these, I carry children’s liquid Benadryl for the same reason.
5. Nuwati Herbals Indian Blanket Balm – this natural balm is the bomb for muscle soreness. It works when my shoulder and neck act up.
6. There is a small purple fan in the corner of the dizzy bag. In case I get hot and start to feel wobbly.
I know that a lot of this stuff is for motion sickness and vertigo is different, but they can help in a pinch. I also carry my real medicine (stronger) as well. But I try to avoid that if I can. Don’t knock it until you try it. Amazon has pretty much all of this. You would need to go to Nuwati Herbals for the balm.
So why did I write Dizzy Bag on the actual bag? If I need it and can’t get up for whatever reason, it is easier for someone else to find in my big bucket purse. And yes I have a “drug bag” as well, but I try not to use that one too often. So that’s it. Is there anything you carry all the time? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “What’s in my Dizzy bag? My little bag of tricks

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  1. I have the Seaband brand and it seemed to offer little help. Did I understand that this one has a magnet instead of just pressure point area?


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