Surrounded by Men in Kilts and Loving it!


Firsride with a viewt – what’s not to love about a man in a kilt? But besides the obvious appeal of the kilt, I am happy because it means that I overcame a few challenges to get to where I am now. When we decided to come to the NH Highland Games, it was a 50/50 chance I would be able to make it. Lot’s of people and long car rides can be hell on my vertigo. But I was going to try it. We left late so our 2 ½ hour car ride took almost four – in stop and go traffic. Yuck! But I made it with a minimal amount of spin.


My hubby in his Kilt!
My hubby in his Kilt!

Next up, the games themselves. Lot’s of people, lot’s of movement, lots of color. The day started with a ride on an old school bus, you know the ones, they rock back and forth and seem to sway. I felt some spin starting, but seemed to get on solid ground right at the right time. It was a great day – sunny and warm. There was so many things to look at (and buy!) I did start to feel like I was spinning a bit, but again a short stop and a bit of Meclizine and I was good to go. We had a great time and heard a lot of great piping! Back at our room, I am feeling tired and a bit head-achy, but ok. Overall the day went well and I had no major episode’s so I’m calling it a win.

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