An Open Letter to Family and Friends

writingFor my final blog of Balance Awareness Week – I wrote an open letter to family and friends. These are my thoughts and I certainly don’t speak for everyone who suffers. But please read it. Thank you for putting up with my posts all week – hopefully they made you think about balance a bit more.



Dear Family and Friends,
There are many things we want to tell you, so I decided to write it down.
First know that we love you being in our lives. Because of some divine reasoning or just luck we have been put together in this space in time and faced with a challenge.

  • Knowing that you are here with us means the world to us.
  • Know that we are doing our best with what we have been given.
  • Please know that we don’t want to feel like we are a burden and often feel very deeply that we are. If we had a choice we would still drive, and work and travel and have fun like “normal” people. The fact that we can’t have that both depresses us and frustrates us as much as it does you (probably more so since we live in it everyday)
  • Know that it hurts deeply when you question us on how we deal with what it happening in our lives. We are not drama queens, we are not faking and we are suffering. No amount of telling us otherwise changes that reality.
  • Know that all you do for us is really, truly appreciated. No one wants to have to be driven everywhere or helped off the floor or cleaned up after they have been sick. We have as much pride as anyone, but have to put that aside because we have to.
  • Know that we are always looking for a way to get better – even if you don’t see it. We all want to go back to the life we had before our world tilted on its axis. But if we can’t we need your help to get to where our new life is.
  • Don’t give up on us. This illness isolates us from others and can be lonely. We yearn for people to reach out, to support us, to hug us, to help us and to just let us know were not freaks and that we are loved not matter what. So please do not stop planning dates and dinners, travel or fun. If we can be there – you bet we will be.
  • Remember we are still here beyond all the dizzy and everything. We are still your mother, father,sister, brother, wife or husband. We may have to adapt to this change but in the end we are still us.
  • Don’t pretend to understand what we are going through and then tell us to get over it.  If we could we would – believe me!
  • Stand by us on those days when we feel like we can’t go on. Help us thru the dark of our own mind. Remind us of our strength, our power, our light. Hold our hand and help us to the better side of life.
  • Celebrate our good days with us. While we might be anxious that it will all go away, we will still do our best to enjoy it. Join in with us and don’t question what happened if tomorrow isn’t as good.
  • Keep talking to us. Let us know if you are frustrated, angry or upset. We know when this happens and we feel guilty about it. If we are open with each other we can get past these feelings and not allow them to fester into a bigger issue.
  • If you have a question, ask! If we get snarky – ask again, we are not saints and have bad days like everyone does (and maybe a few more) but if you are truly interested, we will be glad to share.
  • Know that we are stronger than we seem and fragile at the same time. We will work to get better either with you or in spite of you. With you is always better!

In the end, for better or worse, we are in this together. So thank you for being with us, for walking by our side, for helping us as we try to figure out where we are going and what we are doing. You are the people who keep us sane in an insanely spinning world. We can’t imagine what we would do without you in our lives and we just want to make it better for all of us.

With love,
Your Dizzy Loved Ones

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  1. Totally true, Idk what I would do without my parents supporting me and loving me unconditionally through my chronic vertigo that doctors have given up on.


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