Vertigo in the News

I was writing a different blog post while  I was watching the Wendy Williams Show and she made comments about Brian Austin Green’s vertigo and his divorce. It was an off the cuff ” I get dizzy too sometimes and I still work” comment( and a few more later). My first thought was you really do not understand true vertigo and making fun of it for laughs just hurts those of us who truly suffer.

But it does point to the fact that vertigo is truly misunderstood by most people out there. It highlighted the common themes that people with vertigo hear all the time. That vertigo is something you can shake off or get over. Or that you are faking it somehow for some type of gain. Or that you are lazy and just don’t want to drive or work or travel. Really??!! Nothing is further from the truth! The vindictive part of me wants people to get it and see how much “faking” happens – Like we want this. But in reality, I would not wish this on my worst enemy – it sucks to live with.

Interestingly enough, sports reporting seems to do a better job talking about vertigo then other media. Maybe because it can derail a promising career or end one early. Jason Day, Bryce Salvador, and Jarred Cosart all suffer from vertigo from different causes and for different reasons. Anyone who watches golf saw Jason Day go down to the ground in the U.S. Open. When I saw that I knew exactly what he was feeling – anyone who suffers has been there.

While I love Wendy Williams (her show is my guilty pleasure) and I know she is talking for ratings – I would love to hear her talk about vertigo in a better light or at least not so dismissively. Bring Brain Austin Green on – hear it directly from the sufferer – and increase your ratings!

In the meantime, if you want to read some good articles on vertigo- try your sports page. The sports writers are definitely above the curve!
Articles to read: – talks about how you just can’t get up and get on as normal – talks about some of the rehab processes related to vertigo – really good information on different causes of vertigo

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  1. Thank you for the article, they just reran the episode and I was taken back. I no nothing about vertigo,but I’m know enough to know that there’s probably different levels of it like some people have mild vertigo and some people have extreme vertigo. I’m sure it’s easy for Wendy to say that she has vertigo and can still work because she sits down in a chair all day and talks.


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