Take it to the Limit

questioning limitations

Lately I have been doing my best to push my limits where vertigo is concerned. I got tired of letting it control my life and wanted to change. But I was also smart enough to know that going overboard would have a backlash effect and I could easily end up in worse shape than I started. So I decided to be smart about it and allow some controlled chaos into my life.
First, I have been taking long car trips. Being in the car – even as a passenger – has always been troublesome for me. But my husband and I planned to make a bunch of stops in case I needed them. We have traveled to New Hampshire and drove across Connecticut to a garlic festival and a Scottish festival. Then this past weekend we drove to New York City to rescue a dog that needed a home. While I did have a few issues and stop and go traffic still sets my teeth on edge – I made it.

Second has been exercise. When my vertigo really kicks in, standing is impossible, so exercise was out of the question. But things in my life have moved me into exercising more. My brother became a Beachbody coach and asked me to do it as well. While I have never coached anyone, the fact that I could motivated me to see what I could do if I tried. How can you coach someone if you can’t do something yourself? So I started to do the things that I could do. And then I tried a few things I couldn’t.  At first it was 10 minutes, now a half hour – weights, stretching, Pilates.  The second was getting a new dog. We lost our 17 year old puppy in August and were missing a dog in our life. When a friend contacted me about a dog in need, we jumped to get her. But she is young and requires daily walks – at least twice a day. So I am up at 5:15AM taking her for her morning walk. Days I am off work, the walks are longer. I feel better and surprisingly, my vertigo doesn’t kick in as often as I thought it would.

The third thing is medication. I have been trying to use as little medication as possible and to go as natural as possible instead . Eating healthier, using essential oils, sea bands, meditation, vitamins and so much more are now what I try before reaching for the prescriptions. And I have to say, I have been taking prescriptions a lot less than I used to. At work, my computer is set so I don’t have to scroll a whole lot and I try my best to take a break from the computer at least once an hour – even for just a minute. This really helps. I drink at least 120 ounces of water every day. I have a massage every two weeks, and do what ever I can to keep my ears clear.

All of this has added up to me feeling good – really good. Better than I have in years. Do I still have vertigo? Absolutely! And there have times that it is as bad as ever. I have some type of spin going all the time, but it is not affecting me the same way.  I can work around it or even with it sometimes. Will I continue to push my limits? Yes, but in a controlled way. I’m not going to go out and jump on a roller coaster or take a ballet class to see if I can do it. I will try components of these activities and see where it leads me. Hopefully I can add more things back into my life.

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