Signs from the Universe

I think every one of us has had those days where things just don’t seem right or good or even marginally OK. I am usually a sunny side of the street type of person, but even I have those days where I want to flip off the sun, close the curtains and crawl back into bed. Today was one of those mornings. I woke up dizzier than I have been in a while, stepped in cat puke (thanks Bob), stumbled down the stairs and walked into a wall all before 5:30AM. Needless to say, I was a little grumpy. And what happens when you are grumpy? If you are me, you start obsessing on all the crap things that are happening in your life right now. As I sat scowling into my Cheerio’s thinking about a work situation, I figured my day was just going to suck. But I think the universe had other plans for my mood.  I went on Pinterest and this showed up as a recommendation:

stop over thinking

Then I saw this logo on a truck while sitting at a light ( great slogan for a battery company by the way)


then Facebook

note to self

And on one of my co-workers cars

life is good

It seemed like the message I really wasn’t ready to hear was going to make sure I heard it anyway. I wasn’t being any more observant than usually, these just seemed to be right in front of me when I looked. Rather than ignore it, I decided to embrace the message. My day got better and I felt a bit more human after a while.  So what message is the universe sending you?  Look around and you might be surprised!

(Side Note) After I wrote this post, we were driving by our local garden center and their sign said: “Now Open. Spring is here. Life is a garden , live life in full bloom”  Just one more to end the day.

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