Music soothes the savage… vertigo

We all know that music has power over the human soul. The right song can transport you back in time and space. We associate songs with those we love, events and moods. Music can make you smile, cry, laugh, shout and dance like no one is watching. In my opinion, everyone should have a personal theme song. But can music actually effect your health and in my case your dizziness?
Back in the 90’s, I was working in hypnosis; I was attending a conference and went to a workshop on using music as medicine. It was taught by a lovely woman named Janalea Hoffman whose business is called Rhythmic Medicine. She talked about how using music can help release stress and facilitate relaxation. She introduced me to the concept of entrainment. So what is this? The free dictionary defines entrainment as “To pull or draw along after itself,” the field of bio musicology refers to it as “the synchronization of organisms to an external rhythm. Simply said, this is using music to get your body to relax to specific beats per minute in the music. As I sat in workshop, listening to the music, I realized that this could work in my hypnosis practice. I bought a CD and used it regularly with clients. I also used it for myself when I practiced self-hypnosis. As it happens, the cd was in my player one time when I suffered a vertigo attack. Since I was prone and couldn’t move I decided to play it. Amazingly, it helped almost immediately. Vertigo tends to induce anxiety the music reduced it and I recovered quicker than I thought it would. Ever since that time, I have carried that cd with me everywhere (I still do!) Once on a cruise ship, I used it to keep me from getting sick during heavy sea’s when others were not so lucky. While this is not the golden ticket to getting rid of your vertigo, it is a way to help, especially with the anxiety and stress that walk hand in hand with what we suffer from.
As I was doing some research for this post, I figured someone else had to have come to the same realization that I had. And lo and behold Mind over Meniere’s has a whole page on it for their Symptom Relief Project. It seems that like me, he had discovered that music can be used for symptom relief. Working with a sound engineer, he created specific tracks using brainwave entrainment. He has tracks for Vertigo, Brain Fog, Fatigue, Morning Grogginess, Stress/Anxiety, and Insomnia. This project is pick your own price and has a track you can try. There is a disclaimer, so please read that prior to trying the tracks.
I have tried both and can see the benefits of both. I probably lean more toward Rhythmic Medicine because I have used it for a long time and know it. But I am going to give the symptom relief project more use and see how it goes. For those of you trying to treat your vertigo naturally this can be one more tool you can use to getting relief. I say give it a try!

Here are both sites for you to check out and both have free tracks you can try. Let me know what you think.


Photo by Reynier Carl on Unsplash

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