Travel Mission Accomplished!

After getting so much response to my last post, I wanted to fill you in on how my travel went. I am more than happy to say that it went great! That is not to say that in the 24 hours before I left I was not totally and completely wrecked with anxiety (I was freaking out big time!) . But everything was set to go and I was at the point of no return. I prepared as best I could and was carrying a virtual arsenal of vertigo treatments – mostly natural – but some not, plus some borrowed anxiety meds.  I figured I was covered for most contingencies. I planned every aspect of the trip; non-stop flights with extra leg room seats, car service to and from the airport, hotel, clothing choices- you name it.
My hubby drove me all the way to the airport knowing it would help (he is such a great guy with this!). My flight out was 6 hours and 10 minutes and everything started off well. At takeoff I was listening to my Rhythmic Medicine music with noise canceling headphones so the plane noise wouldn’t bother me. Once we reached cruising altitude, the flight couldn’t have been smoother. I have to say that both my flights were so smooth – thanks Alaska Air! I watched movies the whole flight and the hours passed faster than I expected.

Once on the ground, everything was good. I did have a bit of dizzy and weirdly found out that the spearmint gum I bought for the plane has some effect on my dizziness. I am going to research that a bit more to see if it is something I can use more often. I had a great time with my west coast co-workers and Portland had some really nice weather. Ever part of the trip went better than I had imagined. But I didn’t imagine everything!  I had planned so much for vertigo, I didn’t think to plan for any other things that might happen to me. So yes, my wonky knee cap decided it would slide south for a bit, just to make things interesting. It is amazing how pain in one place can totally take your mind off other things. Flying back, my concern was on my knee so I barely thought about the dizziness.

Overall I flew for 11 hours and 40 minutes with barely a spin, rode in multiple cars and buses and made it OK. The knee is being treated and will get there. But the most important part for me is that now I know without a doubt I CAN DO THIS! And that opens up a bunch of possibilities for the future. I see myself traveling more and hope that I can start working on the bucket list that I have hidden away. I am glad I didn’t let my fear take over and stop me from taking the chance. This is pretty life changing for me and I hope that I can extend this feeling of confidence into other area’s of my life as well. So if you are out there reading this please think about trying something you feel will stretch your limits in a way that works for you. Once you get to the other side of the experience it is wonderful!


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