Balance Awareness Week

I find it ironic that my balance awareness week started off with vertigo.   I have had a great summer traveling and just enjoying a fairly dizzy diminished life.  I still am enjoying life and had only one really bad day so I consider that a win. I started this blog for balance awareness week a few years ago and decided as a re-boot to do it again now.   I like to focus on balance awareness week because this type of illness is something that most people truly do not understand or consider disabling.   It is estimated that 40% of people over 40 will suffer vertigo at some point in their life. Approximately four percent (almost eight million) of American adults report a chronic problem (lasting three months or longer) with balance, while an additional 1.1 percent (2.4 million) of American adults report a chronic problem with dizziness alone.  So this is not something that only affects a few people.  Honestly, I know a lot of people who have had vertigo at least once.  The problem comes when people think that you can just get over it like they did.   This is where awareness has to come into play.   Shining the light on how this affects the people who suffer can only make it easier for them.  In groups I belong to we talk about things like how to get people in our lives to support and understand us; how to get disability or at least get the people who decide such things to take it seriously. We also support each other when it seems like you don’t want to go on any longer.  Unfortunately being pushed to the limit of how long you can live with chronic dizziness is a real and persistent issue.

What can you do to help? Learn about balance disorders. Check out VEDA at . They have lots of information to share and raise funds to support research. If you can, donate.   Also support those in your life that suffer – love us when we are at our worst and we will be there when we are at our best.   Knowledge and understanding goes a long way.   Thanks for the support.


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