Massage with a happy ending!

Looking for a happy ending? Now that I have your attention, lets talk about massage. IT ROCKS! A few years ago when I was doing physical therapy for my vertigo, the therapist commented on the fact that damage in my shoulder (thanks drum corp and color guard!) was causing muscle tightness to pull on my... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Family and Friends

For my final blog of Balance Awareness Week – I wrote an open letter to family and friends. These are my thoughts and I certainly don't speak for everyone who suffers. But please read it. Thank you for putting up with my posts all week – hopefully they made you think about balance a bit... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day…

I really, really like this quote. Because of my vertigo and the things I can't do – I often feel broken and not quite whole. But every time I look at this it reminds me that even though I may not be able to do everything I used to -  I can still do other... Continue Reading →

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