Quote of the day

This quote is dedicated to my literal falling down this week. I'd say vertigo keeps me on my feet - but it is the opposite! But I can't do anything but my best to deal with it and live the best I can.

Getting to Know You – 3 Steps to knowing your Vertigo Better

One of the reasons I decided to write a blog was to talk about my journey re-gaining my life while having vertigo. I know what causes my vertigo (damage to my vestibular nerve) and I know that it is not going to get better unless something new comes along. So what's a gal to do?... Continue Reading →

I was writing a different blog post while  I was watching the Wendy Williams Show and she made comments about Brian Austin Green's vertigo and his divorce. It was an off the cuff " I get dizzy too sometimes and I still work" comment( and a few more later). My first thought was you really... Continue Reading →

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